Feeping Creatures Monster Art Doll Gallery

This is a gallery of some of my favorite Feeping Creatures art dolls. These dolls are all hand-stitched, one-of-a-kind creations and are intended as display pieces rather than toys. I don't work from a pattern, so each doll is unique. The exact materials vary from piece to piece, but they typically include cotton cloth, yarn, polyester fiberfill, and plastic or wooden accoutrements. I enjoy making random stuffed creatures, but it's not really a core part of my feeply endeavors, which is why this gallery is smaller than the others and I haven't really done anything new for a few years. Too many other feeps to make! To see photos of yet more Feeps, check out my blog The Daily Monster.

Click on a thumbnail to see a complete image of a particular piece, and to learn more about it.
catfish monster art doll
earwig monster art doll
racer art doll
shrew monster art doll
obelisk monster art doll
monk monster art doll
Christmas frog monster art doll